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version 0.0.1 (use at ur our risk ;-)


i wanted to familarize myself with audio pluginz – this is my first go:  a simple emulation of the roland tb-303 synth.


the following were used as a basis for development:







among other featurez, i plan to implement step sequencer functionality, but i wanted to commit to getting something out first.




blend:  blend between saw and square waveformz

phase:  adjust phase of square wave component

drive:  amount of shaper-type distortion/clipping before filter

offset:  probably shouldn't bother exposing this as itz interactive use is currently limited

cutoff:  filter cutoff

resonance:  filter resonance

envelope:  control filter modulation depth of envelope

filter type:  (see list of modez below)

volume:  yep

tune:  global oscillator tuning audjustment

accent:  envelope attack behavior

decay:  envelope decay behavior

sustain:  envelope sustain amount but probably best to leave at minimum

prehp/fbhp/posthp:  control cutoffz and feedback frequenciez of internal highpass filter feedback mechanism


filter modez:

filter modez

more to follow...

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